A Breakthrough in Personalized Clinical Skincare

Medical cosmetology can provide beneficial treatments to resolve many skin issues. However, the use of additional, and many times conflicting products after these treatments is a major cause of skin irritation. 2AM is a line of personalized skincare products designed to augment cosmetological treatments. The name of the brand comes from the hour when our skin best rejuvenates itself and cell growth and repair is at its most vigourous. The brand’s online skin assessment identifies customers’ unique needs and curates a routine for each individual, all while providing access to offline clinics. All products are co-developed and tested by dermatologists using high concentrations of plant and biotechnological extracts that retain the original structure of the active ingredients.

Concrete developed a disciplined, yet flexible identity inspired by the day-night cycle and the precise approach to skincare. The wordmark is inspired by LCD typography. The palette is neutral with honest and transparent materials to allow the product to show through.

Initially designed for the Asian market, the brand will soon expand to globally with distribution in D2C and bricks-and-mortar sales channels.

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