Collaborating With Halsey on Her Ever-Changing Beauty Brand

Award-winning singer/songwriter and multimedia artist Halsey is a rare celebrity who does her own makeup application. When she decided to launch her own cosmetics line, she turned to Concrete to create the brand.

Known for being unapologetically herself and encouraging her fans to do the same, Halsey’s About-Face empowers customers to use makeup in their own way, without the rules of traditional beauty standards, revealing their inner chameleon selves.

Concrete developed an ever-changing identity system where the core brand elements can be remixed, rearranged and reinvented with each new product drop. The launch includes three collections, all with their own unique logo and packaging design language.

Launched in Spring 2021, the brand has been both a commercial and critical success. Concrete and Halsey were honoured with the iconic D&AD Yellow Pencil, a prestigious international design award for outstanding work that achieves true creative excellence.

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