BITE Beauty

Creating a 
Top-Selling Beauty Brand From Scratch

Bite Beauty model with red lip

BITE Beauty is a line of lip products made from entirely natural, food-grade ingredients, including resveratrol, the health-boosting, antioxidant component found in red wine. Each application of BITE delivers a micro-dose of antioxidants that assist the body in the fight against free radicals. In fact, Bite is so healthy, you can eat it.

Unfortunately, organic lipstick and makeup brands have become associated with poor colours, reduced wearability, and a distinct lack of sex appeal. When Concrete was brought in by long-time client Susanne Lang Fragrance (SLF) to brand and launch this new beauty venture, we felt that the “organic” or “natural” angle was getting tired and wouldn’t work as a driver for a new lip brand. Because SLF was able to achieve vibrant reds and plums with BITE, we positioned the brand, not as an organic line, but a great line – edgier, fresher.

Concrete created BITE’s strategic positioning, brand story and brand identity. An elegant logo was created, fashionable and sophisticated. The stylish lipstick caps – created by the Vienna-based firm EOOS, reflect the individual ways women apply lipstick. These components gave BITE open-shelf appeal, drawing the attention of browsing consumers who would then “discover” the product’s unique organic ingredients.

Launched in 2012, the line was an instant success. By 2015, the brand had been acquired by the French multi-national luxury goods group LVMH.

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Four shades of Bite Beauty lipsticks against red background
Bite Beauty bold red lipstick on lips and swatch against background
Layout of Bite Beauty lipstick products with natural fruits and leaves against grey backdrop
Bite Beauty model with bold red lip
Bite Beauty lipstick packaging design, with different lip shapes
Bite Beauty lipstick packaging design, with different lip shapes

A Reflection of How Women Use Lipstick

Concrete teamed with Vienna-based designers EOOS on BITE’s uniquely shaped componentry. The shapes echo the unique contours women’s lipstick take on after repeated use. BITE launched with four versions that were used to categorize lipsticks colours: reds, pinks, nudes and berries.

Bite Beauty product assortment
Layout of Bite Beauty special kits and sets
Bite Beauty models with red and pink lips

Amuse Bouche was the first major product launch for the company since its inception. Concrete art directed and produced a video to support the BITE and Amuse Bouche narratives around the hand-crafted, food grade ingredients with high impact colour.

Bite Beauty branding for poster, booklet and packaging
Bite Beauty pencil shavings
Bite Beauty storefront design

A Custom Lip Colour 

A main tenet of BITE is the company’s small batch production process. The Lip Lab was created to bring the experience to life in a boutique retail environment. Concrete developed the visual language for stores in New York, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where customers could enjoy mixing ingredients, colour and scent to create their own custom lipstick shade.

Bite Beauty store interior design
Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick poster
Bite Beauty lipglosses dripping against grey tablecloth with bold fruits and florals behind
Bite Beauty foundation shade with model
Bite Beauty campaign laydown
Pineapple and vanilla against grey background

A look behind the scenes at the BITE factory in Toronto.

Variety of Bite Beauty lipstick shapes in packaging
Art directed Bite Beauty shot with roses in mouth