A Developer with a Future
 State of Mind

Caivan is a fast-growing developer looking to reinvent how homes and communities are built. Housebuilding is a long, unchanged, and somewhat antiquated process (often referred to as brick-and-sticks). The myriads of tradespeople needed to build a home requires complex coordination and inefficient processes. Caivan is changing that, moving towards a more automated process that constructs complete sections of a home off-site in state-of-the-art facilities. These components are then assembled on site, resulting in far greater precision, quality, time savings, and a great reduction of waste

While Caivan utilizes innovation in their construction process, their approach to building is none-the-less very community-centred. The brand narrative and style emphasize the relationship of families to their surroundings, both physical and cultural. The visual approach provides a unified style across all Caivan communities, rather than employing the industry norm of creating unique and disparate identities for each new offering.

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Providing the tools to rethink 
how we build homes

During the process of rebranding Caivan, Concrete was asked to rebrand their sister company, ABIC - Advanced Building Innovation Company. ABIC's uses state-of-the-art technology to produce house “component parts” that can be quickly and more accurately assemble on site, resulting in homes that last generations and drastically reduce the amount of waste ABIC's intelligent, sustainable and precision approach to homebuilding solutions is communicated through a future-forward logo and ready-to-build visual identity, rolled across communications materials, and the facility's signage and way-finding systems.