Capo Capo

Infusing a Modern Spirit Into an Italian Classic

Capo Capo

Despite the wild popularity of classic Italian ‘apperitivi rossi’ there aren’t many alternatives on the market to the old standards. This led a group of entrepreneurs – wine merchant Joel Clarke, wine enthusiast Brian Bickley, bartender Owen Walker, sommelier Cassandra Mosher, restaurateur (and resident Italian translator) Francesco Laudini, and Concrete’s own Chief Creative Officer Diti Katona – to create an alternative. Their search led them to the Italian alpine town of Trento and a collaboration with the Cappelletti family – a century-old Italian maker of fine spirits. Multiple formulation taste tests and several thousands of kilometers later, a new product was born – a bittersweet ruby-red aperitivo.

In creating a brand identity for the new product, the challenge was to marry the romance of fine Italian artisanal spirits with contemporary cocktail culture. This aligned with the distribution strategy to win over an international class of mixologists before seeking more mass distribution. Concrete created an integrated brand campaign that included name, visual identity, product packaging, promotional material, website and social media.

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Creating an Aperitivo From Scratch

Concrete was involved in every aspect of Capo Capo’s development from initial conception, to product formulation, to launch strategy.