Cougar Shoes

A Canadian Icon Takes a Step Forward

Cougar fur boots with logo

Cougar began making shoes and boots in 1948. The family business quickly gained a reputation for creating comfortable footwear that could withstand harsh Canadian winters. These qualities are typified in Cougar’s iconic 1970s “Pillow” boot.

While the product line continued to evolve over the years and adjust to the changing style sensibilities of consumers, Cougar’s founding “sensible” persona had become entrenched in customers’ minds and impeded them from perceiving Cougar as more fashionable footwear choice.

Concrete was tasked with creating a new creative platform to move Cougar to more fashion-forward positioning. However, we believed it was vital not to diminish the qualities that made Cougar successful in the first place, and not simply adopt a fashion affectation that would be perceived as inauthentic. The position line “Always waterproof” was developed – simple, pragmatic and direct. However, the products were portrayed in very contemporary context, using bold design, graphic cropping and a playful tone of voice. All elements of the brand – visual identity, colour palette, photographic style – were updated to reflect the sensibility of a stylish brand.

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Cougar old brand identity

Cougar’s Previous Identity

Customers’ perception of Cougar’s previous brand was that it was too plain, rugged and remote to be fashionable.

Cougar campaign with shoes against white background on iPad
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Cougar waterproof boot campaign poster in street
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Cougar boot with fur
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Cougar packaging, inserts, business cards and letterhead
Cougar boxes in grey with logo on top and ‘Always waterproof’ on sides.