Establishing a Radical 
Wellness Brand

Ingredients® is a radical idea. Every day, the average person comes into contact with hundreds of harmful chemicals found in personal care products, household cleaners, foods and drinks. To address this, the founders of Ingredients® created a line of toxin-free daily essentials formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients, in high concentration to deliver optimal benefits. The brand promises to deliver only what is essential to perform its task, nothing more. The concept is so radical that the front of the package contains only the product name and a list of ingredients and their respective percentages.

Concrete created the brand for Ingredients®, head to toe. It started with the brand narrative – a manifesto of the power of plants and how to live a toxin-free life. The packaging embraced a stripped-down aesthetic that echoed the philosophy of the brand. Concrete also created guidelines for the e-commerce website and all the visual content.

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Ingredients list of product ingredients
Ingredients boxes of Face Serum, Plant Water Mist, Body Oil, Nasal Spray, Shea Butter Stick and Throat Spray

The Ingredient List as a Brand Icon

The brand’s transparent values are embodied by the products’ ingredient list placed directly on the front of the package—becoming a brand icon in itself. The typographic treatment was influenced by the design vernacular that we encounter everyday with common-place items: the no-nonsense typography found on grocery and shipping labels, inventory sheets, ingredient lists, financial ledgers, and library stacks.


In Living Colour

Colourful gradient environments allow the crisp white finishes of the packaging to stand out. These colours were chosen to balance out the strict white, black and green palette of the packaging. They bring energy to an otherwise minimalist brand, bridging scientific integrity with the natural world.

Ingredients Throat Spray