Rebranding a Global Leader 
in Wellbeing

Morneau Shepell is one of the world’s leading one-stop-shops for total wellbeing solutions – essentially helping large enterprise companies attract and support their employee workforces. However, the company’s name (from the legacy of its founders) and its existing brand identity (corporate, subdued, formal) no longer adequately reflected the company’s offering or its position as a global leader. Morneau Shepell needed a change.

After an exhaustive search for a new name, the company assumed the name of one of its lines of business – LifeWorks. The new name and wordmark was a perfectly distilled verbal expression of the entire company’s purpose. It is strongly rooted in the idea that by improving a person’s life and wellbeing, they will be happier, healthier and ultimately more engaged and productive at work. This is also reflected in the company’s core purpose: Improving lives, improving business.

A new symbol was built on the legacy of the previous one, but instilling more meaning into the circular forms. The two diagonally opposed circles suggest the interplay and overlapping realities between our personal and work lives. The visual identity is supported by a robust, more human-centric brand system all tied back to the company’s purpose.

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