The Iconic Mountain Bike Brand Returns to Its BC Roots

Norco is a manufacturer of premium mountain bikes. With an over 60-year history, the company lost focus in recent years as its product line had diversified too widely – road bikes, city bikes, children’s bikes, etc. Norco made the strategic decision to get back to its roots and focus on its core product offering – “owning dirt.” This warranted a brand update to reflect its refocus.

The revamped brand involved many aspects. Along with communicating the engineering innovation of the company’s product line, the brand story prominently featured Norco’s unique location. The north shore of the Vancouver region of British Columbia is a mecca for mountain bike riders from around the globe who flock to the area to test their skills on the most challenging trails in the world.

Additionally, conveying the sheer exhilaration of the mountain biking experience was another key aspect of the brand. Central to communicating this attribute was the development of a custom variable width typeface. This provided an infinite palette for dynamic visual story telling.

A comprehensive guideline was created to give Norco’s internal design and marketing teams the tools and framework necessary to reintroduce the brand to the world.

All imagery and video courtesy of Norco.

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