Perricone MD

Uncovering the DNA of a “Doctor Brand”

Perricone MD bottle

Dr. Nicholas Perricone knows what he’s talking about. Ask him about the benefits of watercress and he will deliver an encyclopedic soliloquy about the detoxifying powers of this often overlooked salad green. A board-certified dermatologist and the author of the landmark Wrinkle Cure and other New York Times bestsellers, Dr. Perricone launched a line of skincare products in 1997 based on his extensive research. The line quickly defined the “Doctor Brand” category, rejecting the prevailing hope-in-a-jar ethos. A dedicated following was born.

After steadily climbing sales, the brand launched a new look in 2008. Glass jars and bottles yielded to plastic containers, and the brand’s signature brown colour was replaced by a myriad of fashion-inspired pastels. Sales immediately sagged and Concrete was retained to assess the situation.

Our initial audit concluded that the new look, which was implemented to increase product appeal in “open sell” retail environments such as Sephora, had damaged the brand’s DNA. Perricone MD is a premium brand that trades on the reputation of the doctor himself. Concrete recommended that, rather than tweak the new look, we should return to the original design as a building block for a new approach.

Rebranded product was back on the shelves within six months of our engagement. The rebrand’s foundation featured amber coloured glass jars and bottles, simple labels featuring elegant brown serif typography, and a streamlined logo. While the look felt fresh and new, the relationship to the original apothecary-inspired brand was clear. The sales curve bent upwards almost immediately.

Concrete has continued working with Perricone MD for the past five years, extending the rebrand to all customer touch points: product line extensions and launch campaigns, videos, advertising and website. Growth in new sales (online and QVC) have increased dramatically, matched by consistent, year-over-year overall revenue growth.

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Anatomy of a Brand Journey

Perricone MD previous brand packaging


The original package design that launched the Perricone MD brand.

Perricone MD previous brand redesign


Redesigned brand that resulted in customer complaints and sales decline.

Perricone MD new brand redesign of packaging and label


Brand overhaul that reconnects the brand to its apothecary-inspired DNA.

Perricone MD product assortment with new amber and black packaging and minimalist white label
Perricone MD variety of product lines with new packaging design
Perricone MD Nutriceutical line with new brand packaging

Brand Extensions

The fundamental components of the brand – Perricone MD wordmark, Mortar & Pestle logo, typographic structure – allowed for a great deal of flexibility in creating a variety of brand extensions. The “Neutriceutical” line employed descriptive photography to differentiate it from the core skincare products.

Perricone MD website with new design
Perricone MD Prescription magazine with new design


In an effort to reinforce Dr. Perricone’s authority on skin care, Concrete created Prescription. The tabloid format leverages Dr. Perricone’s wealth of knowledge in a mix of editorial content about the ingredients of healthy living, along with product information.

Perricone MD magazine insert on the power of supplements

Six years after the successful rebrand of Perricone MD, it was time to evolve the brand’s strategic position. Concrete created the film “Serious About Beauty” which documents Dr Nicholas Perricone’s philosophy for achieving healthy skin – shifting the brand’s exclusive emphasis on anti-aging.

Perricone MD ads Perricone MD skincare magazine advertisements
Perricone MD storefront and interior with new brand identity
Malibu & Berkeley Boutiques

Perricone MD’s principal distribution is through mass retailers, QVC, informercials and online. However, company-owned boutiques in Malibu and Berkeley California provide the brand with the opportunity to create a fully immersive Perricone MD retail experience.

Perricone MD scientific rendition of ingredients in test tube

Bringing Youthful Appeal to an Established Anti-Aging Brand

This new series of products was aimed at millennials who may not yet be concerned about the effects of aging, but who take interest in preventative health regimes. The product needed to appeal to this younger demographic while remaining true to the voice and visual cues of the established brand.

Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series with new packaging design

Concrete produced a launch video for the new product line, which appeared on brand and retailer websites and in social media.

Perricone MD product and box design assortment