Transitioning an Established Bank to a New Identity


ING Direct Canada, an online retail bank, won over many consumers by offering an innovative and progressive alternative for Canadians who value simplicity, flexibility and accessibility in their banking. When Scotiabank acquired ING Direct in 2012, the purchase agreement stipulated a name change. The new parent company would have to take this familiar challenger brand back to market with an equally compelling brand message to set ING apart in the highly competitive Canadian banking market.

In November 2013, after working in partnership with John St. Advertising and Lexicon, ING Direct announced their new name: Tangerine. The unconventional name reflected the company’s unique, fresh approach to banking, attributes that were further emphasized by the bright orange shades of the fruit itself.

The new brand identity, designed by Concrete, was the result of several months of research, exploration and collaboration. The final result reinforces the positive attributes already associated with the brand, as well as transforming the perception of ING Direct from a challenger bank to a better, simpler everyday banking option, with all the gravitas and reliability of a bigger player. The addition of the arrow to the logo gives a nod to the ING Direct legacy (the former logo also employed an arrow), while also adding a single unique element to the uncluttered word mark.

As well as the new logo, Concrete developed a comprehensive set of graphic standards for print, advertising and website.

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“The challenge was in portraying Tangerine as a challenger brand, while also conveying enough sense of gravitas consumers expect from a bank.”

John Pylypczak

President, Concrete

Bringing The New Brand to Life

Before a visual scheme had even been chosen for Tangerine, Concrete was assigned to bring the brand attributes and corporate values to life within the company’s office spaces. Concrete articulated the brand characteristics in words and matched them to visuals, dramatizing the Tangerine brand with a diverse palette of visual elements, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

The design system employs a multitude of words, graphics and images that convey Tangerine’s brand attributes in a way that is authentic, animated and inspirational. One office wall contains the first name of every employee in the company, while another showcases their digitized portraits. Other spaces utilize such visual elements as strips of laser-cut plexiglass and neon light.