Willibald Farm Distillers

Establishing a First-Generation Distillery

Willibald logo on packaging

The popular terms in the spirit sector – “small batch,” “craft distilling,” “artisanal” – all suggest the traditional methods of simpler times. This is often reflected in the marketing of these brands, projecting a folksy, faux-heritage spirit. However, the reality of these successful new enterprises is that they build on the traditions of the past, employing innovative techniques and new ways of looking at things.

This was true of a group of three young entrepreneurs who took an under-utilized 100-acre family farm in southern Ontario to establish a new generation distillery. While there are definite nods to elements of the past (the namesake “Willibald” comes from the partners’ German grandfather), the attitude is decidedly progressive.

The brand identity reflects this attitude. While the logo pays homage to traditional German blackletter, the screaming bright yellow and mono-space, layered support typography all speak to a new kind of distillery. Even the brand positioning “First-Generation Farm Distillers” proudly embraces the establishing of new traditions.

Willibald’s first release, a gin infused with juniper, coriander, cardamom, grapefruit peel, angelica root and caraway was introduced in spring of 2017.

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Willbald wordmark exploration with typographic alternatives

Developing The Wordmark

While traditional German blackletter (a nod to the creators’ ancestry) provides the foundation of the wordmark, Concrete undertook an extensive exploration of finding new ways of expressing this typographic style.

Willibald final bottle packaging design in bold yellow
Willibald branded yellow t-shirt, coasters and bottle
Willibald branded black hat with yellow wordmark
Willibald bottles lined up along wall shelves and branded coaster
Willibald mobile website
Willibald signage outside farm distillery
Willibald Distillery images behind the process