Woodbine Entertainment

A Heritage Entertainment Brand Races Towards the Future

Woodbine Entertainment logo

With an over 100-year history, Woodbine Entertainment Group is the largest operator of horse racing and wagering in Canada and host of the prestigious Queen’s Plate, the oldest continuously run horse race in North America.

Woodbine recently announced a masterplan to transform its 684 acre site into a broader entertainment experience integrating new expanded entertainment and cultural offerings, food and dining, hotel, shopping, post-secondary education, recreation, health, wellness, and urban residential living. The organization needed to revitalize its brand identity to reflect this transformation.

The core issue that needed to be resolved in the rebrand was to respect the heritage of horse racing which is the essence of Woodbine and its reason-for-being, and balance this with the need to reflect a broader and more diverse entertainment offering. The identity also needed to appeal to a more diverse audience – women, families and millennials.

The solution started with a shift in positioning and supporting tag line that alludes the organization’s heritage, while suggesting a broader offering. The visual solution involved abandoning the literal use of the “horse” in the logo. Instead, the identity utilizes the abstraction of the “track” as a symbol of racing, along with “star” that is both a symbol of “entertainment” as well as alluding to the graphic heritage of horse racing “silks” – the colour jerseys jockeys wear to identify horse ownership. The resulting icon provided the flexibility to be used for a variety of future Woodbine venues, as well as creating a visual form that allows for dynamic graphic expression.

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Woodbine Entertainment old logos

Where We Started

The Woodbine Entertainment Group operates various lines of business centred around horse racing. Concrete introduced new architecture to unify WEG’s racing business under one brand.

Creating The Symbol

The symbol is composed of 3 elements: a stadium shape for the race track, ‘W’ for Woodbine and the star, a reference to jockey silks and the energy of entertainment.

Woodbine Entertainment new unified logo design
LIVE! in white font animating across bold red background
Woodbine Entertainment horse racing in black and red filter
Woodbine Entertainment audience in black and white
A new breed of experience in bold font across black background
Black and white horse and jockey emerging from red oval shaped like logo
Woodbine Entertainment Rush Hour billboard displayed on busy street
Woodbine Entertainment new brand brochure
Woodbine Entertainment entrance
Woodbine Entertainment signage and stars across building walls
Woodbine Entertainment brand identity guidelines Woodbine Entertainment brand identity guidelines
Woodbine Entertainment branded grey t-shirt
Woodbine Entertainment booklet, bags and name tag designs