Capo Capo Aperitivo is Now Available in LCBO

Capo Capo Aperitivo is Now Available in LCBO

After a long process of bringing Capo Capo to life, the bottles have finally hit the shelves!

Capo Capo found its beginnings with a group of entrepreneurs including wine merchant Joel Clarke, wine enthusiast Brian Bickley, bartender Owen Walker, sommelier Cassandra Mosher, restaurateur (and resident Italian translator) Francesco Laudini, and Concrete’s own Chief Creative Officer Diti Katona. This group partnered with Erboristeria Cappelletti, a fourth-generation family-run fine spirits producer based in Trento, Italy. Together they travelled back and forth between Toronto and Italy to bring their idea of creating an alternative to the classic Italian ‘apperitivi rossi’ to life. After over a year of trial and error, Capo Capo was finally ready.

The next natural step was to become sanctioned for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). This process took place over the course of several months and involved additional rounds of design to ensure that everything followed the rigid liquor labelling restrictions within Ontario.

They’ve made it into the LCBO, so what’s next? Capo Capo Aperitivo is working to be available all across Canada but until then, let’s see what DIY cocktails you can come up with!


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