CBC News Interviews John Pylypczak on the Trump Effect

CBC News Interviews John Pylypczak on the Trump Effect

Reaction to the Donald Trump presidency has been impacting the entire Trump family. CBC News visited Concrete’s studio to interview John Pylypczak on how the “Trump Effect” has damaged the Ivanka Trump brand.

“All consumers are questioning the choices they make in the marketplace: where their things are made, who makes them, how they are made. This is becoming more and more important to consumers. This plays into all brands, but especially in Ivanka Trump’s brand,” John states in the interview.

Consumers are using their buying power to “vote with their wallet” as a way to monetarily shun the Trump brand. The #GrabYourWallet boycott started during the very beginnings of the U.S. Presidential Election and has continued to gain traction in the months since Trump has taken office. As major retailers in North America continue to feel pressure from consumers to discontinue all Trump products, Ivanka Trump has made attempts to repair her brand image to the public.


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