Chef Bombay Brings a Fresh Look to Frozen Food

Chef Bombay Brings a Fresh Look to Frozen Food

Chef Bombay started in 2000 in Edmonton, Alberta as a family business that transformed old family recipes into quality frozen dinners. The company grew quickly, becoming a large supplier of Indian food to major grocery chains throughout North America. As well supplying white-label products to major retailers, Chef Bombay’s own brand became a major part of the company’s growth. However, as acceptance of world flavours grew in the marketplace, many retailers introduced their own house brands. These brands tended to have a very similar look to Chef Bombay’s offering. When Chef Bombay asked Concrete to redevelop their brand identity, the challenge was to create a more distinctive and ownable look, that both contrasted their retailers’ brands, as well as communicating the level of quality for which Chef Bombay had become to be known. Our approach was to lean heavily into Indian cultural visual cues – hyper-bold typography and rich colour palettes. Response to the updated brand, at trade shows and in grocery stores, has been overwhelming.

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