Design Canada Documentary Coming This Summer

Design Canada Documentary Coming This Summer

Design Canada tells the untold story of Canadian Graphic Design. Greg Durrell of Hulse & Durrell in Vancouver, Canada has teamed up with Jessica Edwards and Gary Hustwit of Film First in Brooklyn, New York to produce the first documentary about Canadian Graphic Design. Over the course of six years the team travelled across the country to accumulate historical archives and interview dozens of Canadian graphic Design legends such as Burton Kramer, Rolf Harder, Fritz Gottschalk, Pierre-Yves Pelletier, and Raymond Bellemare.

The feature length documentary examines Canadian history through the lens of graphic design, detailing the creative processes and icons that defined generations and created a sense of unity in the 50s, 60s and beyond. Design Canada reconnects the country with this unique aspect of its heritage.

In 2017, the Design Canada team reached out to Concrete to contribute to their research and the film. Our President John Pylypczak and Chief Creative Officer Diti Katona gave their take on the role of Graphic Design in Canada based upon their experiences bringing Concrete to life.

With a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign complete, Design Canada will be screening across Canada in early Summer 2018.

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