Happimess Cosmetics Launches Premier Beauty Brand

Happimess Cosmetics Launches Premier Beauty Brand

Happimess launched in the summer of 2018 with an initial collection of eye and lip products directed towards young millennials. The founder of Happimess, TingTing Zhong, commissioned Concrete to create a brand identity that reflected the over-the-top personality, formulation quality, and price point of her products. Concrete worked with Zhong to develop the brand identity, packaging, and art direction of Happimess through a combination of youthful visual language, unexpected packaging materials, and whimsical language. Happimess was met with initial success and will continue to develop and launch additional products as the brand gains recognition within the North American and Asian market.

Happimess model holding Happy Me lipstick
Happimess lipstick with pink colour smear across yellow background
Happimess boxes against red background
Happimess eyeshadow palette against yellow background
Happimess palettes on pink background

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