Inkbox Pops Up with a New Rebrand 

Inkbox is a fast-growing Canadian start-up company disrupting traditional tattoo culture. In addition to offering realistic and customizable, semi-permanent, organic fruit-based tattoos, Inbox has fostered a community of artists and collaborators. With a widely successful crowdfunded Kickstarter that raised over $275,000, Inkbox launched the company in 2015. After three years of growth, Inkbox reached out to Concrete to create a comprehensive new visual identity system that better reflected their growing community, product offering, and internal culture. Concrete’s collaborative involvement has resulted in a dynamic new brand expression that includes a new visual identity, website, photographic style, tone-of-voice, packaging, and retail experience. The rebrand had a soft launch  in July at a pop-up store in Toronto, while the entire relaunch is set to roll out in September 2019.

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