Red Earth Launches at Urban Outfitters

Red Earth Launches at Urban Outfitters

Within the first year of their recent rebrand, Red Earth has joined the competitive roster of beauty brands sold at Urban Outfitters. Established in 1991 in Australia, the brand was acquired by fashion retailer Esprit in 2001, and eventually acquired by entrepreneur Tingting Zhong.

In 2015, Zhong reached out to Concrete for a complete rebrand of Red Earth to coincide with its upcoming launch in the Asian market. Concrete redeveloped the entire line with a foundational palette of visual elements that could be used to create an array of dynamic package designs – all different, yet all tied together with a common attitude and visual vocabulary. The revitalized brand successfully launched in early 2017.

Red Earth Brighten Concentrate Oil
Red Earth Revitalizing Cream
Red Earth Hydrate Serum
Red Earth lipstick matches
Red Earth Hydrate Toner
Red Earth First Base
Red Earth Water Cream
Red Earth Hydrate Cleanser

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