Willibald Farm Distillery is Open to the Public

Willibald Farm Distillery is Open to the Public

After 3 full years of planning and construction, the Willibald Farm Distillery is open for business with the official launch of their first product: a gin infused with juniper, coriander, cardamom, grapefruit peel, angelica root and caraway.

The founders of Willibald learned the craft of distilling from multiple sources, including distilleries in Scotland. After receiving their first still, Willibald approached Concrete to create a direct and honest distillery brand that would appeal to a broad audience starting with Ontario, Canada and eventually reaching the rest of North America. They chose the name Willibald to honour their grandfather, who immigrated from Germany to Canada, and the use of yellow, black and red reinforces this connection.

Willibald’s unique wordmark, bold and direct branding, and First Generation Farm Distillery tagline is a breath of fresh air in the current Canadian craft distillery market that relies heavily on pastiche and faux-historical language. The use of Colorplan Factory Yellow paper as a constant reinforces Willibald’s willingness to stand out in an increasingly crowded market of muted tones.

The distillery will be open Thursday to Sunday but don’t fret if you can’t make the trip; they have plans to launch in the LCBO for Fall 2017.
Willibald interior
Willibald mixologist
Willibald entry sign
Willibald glasses on wooden table

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